Electronic Giving

Sacred Heart has offered electronic funds transfer for over ten years!

Are you participating?




  • Safe
    • Transfers are made through the bank’s secure website.
  • Convenient
    • Give from the account of your choice even when you are unable to attend Mass
  • Easy
    • Just complete the form on the reverse side and return it to the Parish Center




  • Dependable
    • Sustaining contributions are a consistent source of income
  • Better Budgeting
    • Allows Finance Council to better plan the annual parish budget
  • Save money
    • Reduced envelope printing and postage costs




God gives us all that we have; His blessings upon us are many.

          As individuals, we receive His blessings gratefully and manage them responsibly. We should then share our blessings with others and return them with increase to the Lord. This is stewardship.

          Your financial stewardship allows our parish to share His blessings with those in need through our ministries. Please help us reach out to others by providing sustaining financial gifts through electronic funds transfer.