Sacramental Prep







First Reconciliation Preparation usually begins at the second grade level. Students learn of the loving forgiveness of our God and how sin affects our relationship with God and with others as they prepare to celebrate individual Reconciliation for the first time.




First Eucharist preparation also begins in the second grade and will be celebrated in the spring of the year. Our Eucharist program is a partnership between student and family which focuses on our celebration of the liturgy in which the Eucharist is the central core.





 The Sacrament of Confirmation is celebrated in the fall of the candidate's senior year of high school. Candidates must have attended two previous years of Religious Education or the equivalent and express the desire to be confirmed. Attendance at all classes (meet twice each month), a retreat experience and church/community service hours are also required.




If you have questions regarding the preparation for these sacraments, please contact our Director of Religious Education at 526-4104.